Purpose of this Course:

This course is designed to familiarize you with the basic theory and practice of audio production. You will be introduced to various techniques that cover the basics for capturing and engineering sound. This introduction to the tools and techniques of producing audio also provides the foundation for sound production/reproduction essential in dealing with audio in various environments including radio, television, film sound, multi-track recording, CD production, live sound engineering, multimedia, broadcast journalism and for the web. You will gain an overview of the basic elements of both analog and digital audio recording & editing techniques. Classroom-based lectures and testing will cover the theoretical aspects while projects will provide you with hands-on familiarity and experience using lab-based production equipment.         

Course Objectives:

During this course you will:

  1. Learn the basic operation of audio recording equipment used in radio & television broadcasting.
  2. Gain an understanding of the writing style and production techniques utilized in radio, television/film, multimedia, multi-track, and live sound production.
  3. Become familiar with basic audio terminology and its applications.
  4. Gain experience with the basic elements of digital audio recording & editing.