The internship is an integrated experience in the Educational Leadership Program. The internship is spread over an entire school year. Interns are expected to participate in school functions that occur before and after college semesters begin and end. Each intern has a mentor, who is an experienced administrator and practitioner who signs a contract agreeing to the requirements which comprise the experience. In addition, an internship supervisor will be assigned during each semester of the internship. This highly experienced school leader will make periodic site visits to meet with the intern and mentor, in order to assess progress and/or needs. The intern is expected to maintain a log of experiences during the internship which serves as evidence of the ability to demonstrate the identified competencies. Can be repeated for a total of six credits.\nCorequisite(s): EDA5070. \nPrerequisite(s): EDA5000, EDA5010, EDA5020, EDA5030, EDA5040, EDA5050, and EDA5060.\nSemester(s) Offered: At Least Once per Year.\nFelony Questionnaire Required.